3D-MID Prototyping using 3D-Printing


Manuel Martin, Product Manager 3D MID, Beta LAYOUT

Since electronic devices are becoming smaller and more precise engineers face the added challenge to develop modules which need less space and are lower in weight. The new 3D-MID (Mechatronic Integrated Devices) technology, plastic parts designed with electronic circuits, is a favourable solution and the answer to the requirements of the electronic industry for space saving modules. Three-dimensional circuit carriers enable engineers to develop multifunctional products with new features and reduced weight. 3D-MIDs are usually produced from injection moulded plastic. A new method by using 3D printing instead of moulds allows to produce MID-prototypes more economic and in less time.


How 3D MID prototypes based on laser sintered 3D prints are manufactured and explains how this technology will now be accessible to a broad range of R&D engineers. The presentation will answer questions regarding the necessary data required for production, design rules specification and manufacturing processes.