Practical uses of Red Pitaya – the ultimate open source high-speed hardware & software platform


Črt Valentinčič, CTO, RED PITAYA (on behalf of Mouser Electronics)

Red Pitaya is a versatile tool that:

- helps students gain more knowledge and practical experience from electrical engineering & programming

- serves as a core building block for developing advanced projects like 4-D imaging of the Earth's atmosphere, Test quality of steel pipes & bananas, Power fingerprinting cybersecurity, software defined radio

- enables companies to test or prototype products faster and cost effective or even integrate it into new products

Red Pitaya is used by many popular universities and companies like MIT, BOSCH, SIEMENS, R&S, NASA, CERN and was awarded by Frost & Sullivan as the best-in-class performance Test and Measurement Tool.


  1. What is Red Pitaya platform
  2. How to use Red Pitaya applications or program it in Python
  3. How Red Pitaya can be as used as affordable test & measurement device
  4. How Red Pitaya can be used to educate & teach about electrical engineering
  5. How Red Pitaya can be used fast prototyping and research