How to accelerate your product development with virtual prototyping


Mark-Paul Buckingham, Managing Director, Xi Engineering Consultants

Xi Engineering Consultants will showcase how the award-winning Sonoma Model One headphones, developed by Warwick Audio Technologies, were brought to market and manufactured more efficiently through partnering with Xi’s simulation team.

Together with support from Xi, Warwick Audio were able to develop cutting-edge electrostatic speaker technology. Xi applied modelling expertise using COMSOL Multiphysics® to both accelerate the development and to optimise the design of the headphones.

This session will outline how multiphysics computer simulation software can drastically improve prototyping and optimise design.

The team will be on hand to discuss the real-world applications of the software and how it can assist in your product design and analysis.


How virtual prototyping can:

1. Be applied to optimise design
2. Reduce length of development time
3. Reduce overall product cost
4. Reduce the number of change orders after release to manufacturing