Multi-Domain Collaboration in the Digital Enterprise


Paul Musto, Director of Marketing Board Systems Division, Mentor, A Siemens Business

System-level product optimization requires that teams across all disciplines of product development collaborate efficiently; this includes the mechanical, electronic, and electrical domains.

This approach runs counter to the conventional ‘black box’ design process in which teams are largely autonomous from each other, coming together only at the end to validate the total system.
This workshop demonstrates how multi-domain collaboration enables ECAD, MCAD, and cabling design teams to optimize electronics systems. Illustrating were the abilities to define functional system models from requirements, partition them into optimized EE architectures, then co-design each of the domains within integrated environments.


1. How complex hardware systems can be managed, even those with multiple boards and connections through connectors and cables?
2. How collaborative efficiency can provide a path leading to competitive adavantage
3. How disparate trams can work more effectively