Choosing the best IoT Gateway for your needs


Joe Hill, Wireless Product Specialist, BCD Atlantik

In this workshop you’ll come away understanding the key elements, requirements and benefits of an IoT Gateway. We’ll discuss the architectural choices and the device and connection management options. Security of these connections from the IoT Network and that of data transported to the Cloud will also be considered. Intelligence at the edge of the Network can help make smart choices in processing the data we really need and, in turn, which communications protocols are suitable. In a fast changing landscape it’s important to future proof and scale your solution – we’ll discuss the options for silicon, modular and boxed products.


1. Anatomy of a Gateway
2. Considerations: Security, Protocols & Interoperability, O/S, Certification, Time to Market
3. Cloud connectivity and Remote management
4. Silicon vs module vs box solutions
5. Customisation