Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Interference Modeling of a Smartwatch Wearable Device


Arnab Bhattacharya, Senior Application Engineer, CST - Computer Simulation Technology

In this workshop we demonstrate the use of electromagnetic and structural simulation tools together with DOE and optimization routines to co-design several functional aspects of a smartwatch. We describe various design aspects that require close collaboration between electromagnetics and structural design teams as well as those design tasks that can be carried out independently. In particular, we discuss the design of a LVDS connector interface from a signal integrity perspective along with the RF performance of integrated Wi-Fi, GPS and GSM/Cellular antenna designs. RF interference between the digital interface and antennas is investigated along with EMI mitigation techniques to meet compliance all while achieving mechanical reliability.


  1. Addressing antenna design challenges in wearable electronic devices.
  2. Signal Integrity analysis in high speed electronics.
  3. Approaches to analyze and mitigate RF Interference in compact electronic devices.