It’s time to make a change! AKROMID® B+ for the substitution of PA66


Akro-Plastic GmbH

The current PA66 market situation is challenging for many production companies and suppliers. Only three companies have the capacity and know-how to produce the pre-cursors of PA66, the resulting bottlenecks in the PA66 supply chain are driving up the prices rapidly. It is therefore necessary to review material selection in running PA66 applications and consider alternative materials for new applications.

During the workshop, Akro-Plastic will present a guideline to and strategies for the substitution of PA66 compounds with AKROMID® B+.


1. Introduction: Polyamide 6 vs. Polyamide 66 – the basics

2. Current Market Situation

3. Technical comparison of PA6 v’s PA66

4. Strategies for the substitution of PA66

5. Introduction of a new compound: AKROMID® B+ (bridging the gap between PA6 and PA66)