Enhanced direct bonding of finely tuned plastic compounds to metals by plasma technology


Manfred Baer, Head of Product Management, AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH

Joining metals to plastics offers many benefits. Enhanced bonding can only be achieved by using plastic compounds that have been developed specifically for this application.

A strong cooperation between Plasmatreat® GmbH (equipment supplier) and AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH (compound producer) has resulted in developing materials that exhibit market leading results in the field of metal to plastic bonding.

PlasmaPlus® and PlasmaSeal-Tight® are two of the most advanced technologies in the market. Delegates will learn about the principles and advantages of these technologies. Realised applications will be presented and ideas for new applications areas will be openly discussed.


  1. Why join plastics to metal?
  2. Principle of PlasmaPlus®
  3. Applications of PlasmaPlus®
  4. Principle of PlasmaSeal-Tight®
  5. Applications of PST
  6. System Partnership
  7. Special products for PST-applications