Design for Manufacturing Guide to PCB Documentation


Andrew Mitchell, Senior Field Application Engineer, Altium UK

In today’s world of advanced technology, providing a complete documentation package for the CM is paramount to realizing a properly manufactured product. In this session, you will learn the requirements to comprehensively document your design. Detailed fabrication and assembly documents are so much more than Gerbers and BOMs. Every aspect of the design must be called out directing the CM to the desired result. If the design is not properly documented there is no recourse when a substandard product arrives at the door.


  1. Fabrication and Assembly notes, what is required/preferred?
  2. Dimensioning and tolerancing/feature control frames.
  3. What goes on a fabrication/assembly drawing?
  4. How do I properly convey design intent to the CM?
  5. How do I callout design changes and track them?
  6. What internal documentation may I not be considering?
  7. How do I specify conformal coating on the drawings?