The Business Case for Affordable Custom Silicon


Tony Reilly, Director ASIC Business Development, S3 Semiconductors

The complexity of electronic systems continues to grow year on year. Driving up the cost and size of the final solution as the number of discrete electronic components increases with this increase in complexity. The economies of scale of standard CMOS technology are enabling these discrete electronic components to be integrated into a single silicon chip with significant cost and size advantage. This workshop explains the business case for a custom single chip silicon solution using standard CMOS technology with several S3 Semiconductors market proven case studies cited.


1.The benefits of custom silicon regardless of budget or expertise.
2.How technology advances in CMOS technology are creating the era of affordable custom silicon.
3.How an IoT customer of S3semiconductors reduced electronic bill-of-material costs by 80%.
4.An introduction to S3 Semiconductors on-line custom silicon calculator tool.
5.Technical insights into the pros and cons of custom silicon versus standard discrete components.