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Nigel Barrow, Technical Manager, EMS GRIVORY

Together with the automotive supplier Lear Corporation and Opel, EMS has now achieved the breakthrough and has developed an innovative new car seat structure: Instead of the heavy and expensive metal framework which is standard for car seats today, the seat back and the seat shell are made of a particularly crash-resistant polymer material made by EMS.

Development of new materials and the manufacture of speciality polymers is the core competencies of EMS. But EMS is more than just a manufacturer of plastic granules – it is a problem-solver: EMS advises and accompanies customers in the development of their new components using polymer materials from the idea right up to serial production. EMS is also proficient in different plastic processing methods and continually optimises them.


1. Cost & weight saving
2. Plastic processing optimisation
3. Simplification of processes
4. Efficient implementation of ideas
5. Bespoke solutions