EMC Crash-Course for PCB Designers


Ralf Bruening, Product Manager and Senior Consultant, Zuken

PCB designers usually rely on various design guidelines to cope with EMC issues when designing or evaluating PCBs. A good engineer should not rely solely on guidelines, they should know what makes structures of a PCB act as a radiating parasitic antenna. This may prevent you conducting a deeper thorough analysis which is normally called for when a design rule is violated. In this session for beginners and intermediate PCB designers, we introduce the mechanisms causing PCBs to radiate, including the basics of magnetic and electric fields. Various strategies to address EMC issues are discussed and brief guidelines for placement and routing are presented and reviewed.

During this session delegates will learn:

1. The concept of EMC and causes including the basics of magnetic and electric fields on PCBs.
2. Strategies to overcome EMC design issues on PCBs
3. Guidelines for placement and routing on PCBs