COM Express Type 7 “Server-on-Modules” for real-time applications


Christian Eder, marketing director, congatec AG

This session talks about the new COM Express Typpe 7 “Server-on-Modules” and how to use this powerful new platform for industrial and real-time applications.

congatec COM Express Type 7 modules support RTS real-time virtualization for Modular fog servers with real-time support.
The future of Industry 4.0 systems across all sectors lies in the combination of fog server and real time technology. This makes real-time hypervisors and real-time communication standards a must. That is why the new COM Express Type 7 Server-on-Modules from congatec now also support real-time virtualization from RTS as well as deterministic communication over 10GbE.

The COM Express Type 7 pinout offers IEEE 1588 compliant, standardized 10GbE interfaces on a standardized embedded module for the first time, defining a new category of embedded computing form factors: Server-on-Modules.


  1. What’s the advantages of the Computer-On-Module Concept
  2. What’s new with the Type 7 definition
  3. How to utilize modern multi core architectures best
  4. How to consolidate multiple real time platforms into one system
  5. How to implement 10GB Ethernet into embedded Applications