Exhibitor news: Adam Taylor’s Digilent Nexys Video project

03 October 2017

Develop audio and video projects with the Nexys Video Artix-7 FPGA Trainer Board by Digilent. This latest edition to the Nexys line of FPGA boards features several components ideal for multimedia applications.

A recent project by Adam Taylor, author of the popular MicroZed Chronicles, explores the video processing functionality in a two-part publication featured on the Xilinx Xcell Daily Blog.

This project first reviews why the Nexys Video hardware is ideal for video processing with a comprehensive view of the project architecture. The image-processing pipeline is provided alongside a list of required IP blocks, with all code supplied on GitHub. In the second publication Taylor reviews the needed software to generate a video output signal. A number of functions are provided to generate, capture, and display video where the programmer can modify pixel values to assign color. The series ends with a teaser to future projects and resources for readers to support their own development.

Learn more and try this project at home with your own Nexys Video: https://reference.digilentinc.com/

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