Three small robots and their dream to save the world


Catherine Pratt, Head of Delivery, Small Robots

Meet Tom, Dick and Harry. Three small robots with big plans for the way we produce food. Farming is in trouble. It’s reliant on some very old tech, including tractors, which damage the soil, burn energy, and waste chemicals. Robotics expert, Catherine Pratt, will explain how Small Robots is reimagining farming in the robotic age to save the environment and feed the world. Catherine and the team is using robotics and artificial intelligence to deliver this dream. They are building technology that will digitise farming, making it more profitable, more efficient and more productive. How has Small Robots tackled this complex technical challenge?


1. How to apply Horizontal Innovation: using existing tech to solve challenges in other sectors
2. Explore the full potential of Artificial Intelligence – it’s not just about automating tech and simple machine learning – it’s reimagining what is possible
3. How to examine a broad and complex challenge in a systematic way to design a solution
4. User centric design: rethinking tech to remove hard limitations
5. The challenge of autonomous robotics: what are the key considerations?