Working with the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult


Andy Sellars, Chief Business Development Officer, CSA Catapult

The Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult will provide translational research facilities to help companies develop new products and services in healthcare, digital economy, energy, transport, defence, security, and space. The Catapult is part of a £300m investment in supply chain infrastructure that includes the Compound Semiconductor Centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Hub and the Institute for Compound Semiconductors – these facilities form the world’s premier compound semiconductor cluster in South Wales. This presentation will explain how organisations can access support and work with the Catapult to accelerate the development of new products.


  1. The potential for compound semiconductors to transform existing products and realise new products
  2. The UK’s strategy for supporting compound semiconductors – from materials to chips to systems
  3. Access to support for companies, and how they can work with the Catapult