Design challenges of the Ironclad Unmanned Ground Vehicle


Dr Marcus Potter, head of mobility, BAE Systems

BAE Systems will present details of the development of the Ironclad series of unmanned ground vehicles. This started life under the Dstl “Highly Robust Ground Platform” competition where BAE Systems developed a vehicle capable of surviving a small blast. This has been developed into Ironclad 2, which is an autonomous all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle that provides a highly mobile and survivable ground support capability to the armed forces. An extremely versatile and modular platform capable of mounting a multitude of different mission fits for roles such as logistic support, reconnaissance, urban operations and force protection.


  1. About the Ironclad series of unmanned ground vehicles
  2. Use of memory metals as suspension elements in vehicles
  3. The modular approach taken on the design of Ironclad 2
  4. Mine blast protection methods in the design of Ironclad 2