Eliminating thermal constraints for high density analog output modules and other Industry 4.0 challenges


Albert O’Grady, Senior Industrial Systems Applications Manager, Analog Devices

Industry 4.0 promises factory owners greater productivity, flexibility and control of costs but these insights require real-time comprehensive data and control of the factory or process flow.

More data means more sensors and actuators so more IO, but space is often at a premium. So how do you fit more output channels into smaller modules without compromising performance through de-rating or adding expensive and space prohibitive cooling?

When semiconductor suppliers with strong domain level expertise take a system level approach to semiconductor design it is possible to “have your cake and eat it” by achieving target performance and optimising cost


1. Some of the technical and commercial barriers to the adoption of Industry 4.0
2. How the domain savvy semiconductor supplier can help you solve system level design problems
3. The power challenge for higher density analog output modules
4. A system level solution that is more than the sum of its parts