Will 3D Printing Replace the Warehouse?


Oliver Smith, Senior AM Innovation Consultant, Stratasys

Due to the ability to produce multiple components with no tooling requirements, and with the point of need driven only by digital data, 3D printing is often touted as offering the potential to displace the need for conventional stock holding. So, where’s the revolution?

Senior AM consultant Oliver Smith will take an objective dive into this subject, exploring how this theory is being put into practice by multi-nationals to SMES across sectors and how beneath this seemingly complex proposition, there are some basic tenants and methodologies for how you can incorporate 3D printing as a tool to streamline your inventory, supply chain and manufacturing operations.


1. The hard truth about 3D printing, inventory and economics, and how this is changing now and into the future

2. Fulfilling the promise; looking at specific industry players 3D printing inventory

3. Uncovering the core drivers for how 3D printing can support your inventory in an intelligent way

4. Other factors you should consider when moving to a “digital inventory” methodology, from IP to warranty, data security to part performance