Evolution towards Connected Vehicles, the pitfalls & possibilities


Robert Moran, Systems & Applications Manager, Automotive Connectivity & Security, NXP Laboratories UK

As vehicles of the future become more automated, the need for them to be more connected to the driver, their environment & beyond is essential. This connectivity will transform how we view our car & the information it’s gathering. However, connecting a vehicle to the wider environment can come with its pitfalls. This requires careful consideration of the in-vehicle electronic networks & security built-in to the design process from the start. This talk will delve into these topics, covering the pitfalls & possibilities of connected vehicles.


  1. Key use cases that connected vehicles will enable
  2. An overview of vehicle network architectures, supporting external connectivity
  3. Pitfalls of enabling connectivity within a vehicle network architecture
  4. How to protect a vehicle against the threats from its environment