Smart IoT in lighting -    The Promise, The Reality, The Challenges


Mike Welch, VP Controls Business Development, Fulham Lighting Co.

The traditional lighting controls industry has spent decades over promising and under delivering with proprietary solutions that the “End Users” very often end up turning off or disabling quickly after install. This same “traditional lighting controls industry” continues to deliver the same underperforming proprietary solutions now masquerading as “standards, IoT, Cloud” based that profoundly do not serve their customers well.

Fulham’s unique approach creates components both hardware and software based upon interoperable standards that empower its channel partners to create the most vendor independent standards based global solutions!


  1. The importance of internationally recognized interoperable communications standards!
  2. It’s about the “value data”, dummy!
  3. It’s not about ON/OFF and dimming anymore!
  4. Know the difference between “intelligent” and “smart”!
  5. What is “convergence” and why it counts!