Key trends driving the evolution of the In Vehicle experience


Mohan Krishnaraj, Global Head – Litehouse (The User Experience Group), Harman Connected Services

An average commuter spends 14% of his waking hours in the car. With IoT and newer technologies like AR/VR revving up the automotive industry, connected car is increasingly becoming a digital hub by leveraging the power of Data, Device and Design. This convergence will continue shaping the future of cars, making them ready to adopt more end-to-end technology solutions to transform car as the 3rd place - Your home, Your Office. Your Car.

This session explores how the connected car offers a unique opportunity for OEMs to provide experiences that transcend and how latest technology trends provide newer ways to connect the home, office and casual driving experiences.


  1. How technology is revolutionizing the car industry
  2. The paradigm shift in focus on the user, not the vehicle.
  3. How to reconfigure the car ecosystem to win big