How the drive to integrate big data and AI made Smiths Detection embrace collaboration


Michael Huxham, Head of Technology & Engineering, Smiths Detection

Michael will talk about the design engineering challenges encountered in the company’s drive to integrate big data and AI-enhanced digital technologies with existing, ‘analogue’ detection systems which are in use in ports, airports and secure environments around the world.

The Smiths team has pioneered the world’s first AI-enhanced screening systems for passengers and freight. CORSYS is a next-generation solution for ports and borders which analyses big data and combines them with real-time scans to better identify high risk cargoes. CORSYS is currently being trialled by border security authorities in Europe, Asia and Australasia.

The challenges of building CORSYS and making detection systems smarter is pushing Smiths Detection to adopt a collaborative mindset for the first time - both with other companies in the Smiths Group as well as with external partners. Michael will talk about how this is being achieved, the challenges along the way and how to effectively balance the opportunities and risks of enhanced collaboration with outside parties.