The path to commercially optimised robotics


Dave Swan, CTO, Tharsus

As we progress from the safe hands of the 3rd industrial revolution to the uncharted territory of the 4th, a myriad of global industries are quickly becoming prime targets for technology disruption. Progressive businesses heavily burdened by human error, productivity inefficiencies and non-value add activities are beginning to wonder how they prepare for this new world. Whilst a number of businesses are shaping the future with fully autonomous robotic solutions, the cost-performance pay-back of these machines isn’t there yet, inhibiting their subsequent adoption by industry. This is the commercial reality of today, leaving the question, how do we get to that vision of the future from where we are now?

Dave Swan will explore what the progressive journey to fully autonomous robotics looks like, the benefits of sharing a vision of the future whilst building machines today that pay-back now, and how this has a greater impact on operational productivity and the bottom line.