Intelligent technology: How Virtual Reality can be used in design engineering


Mike Leach, Senior Workstation Technologist, Lenovo

The driving force behind any engineering workflow is a growing plethora of ISV software, advanced software tools, plug-ins and hardware accessories. Add into this technology like Virtual Reality and it can become an IT minefield when looking at investments and where best to align your budgets. Lenovo are industry leaders in the design of professional workstations and Mike Leach will present on the key technology developments driving the workstation marketplace today, including Virtual Reality; how and where VR can be used and more importantly how this technology can benefit you within your business. Learn what to look out for, where to invest your budgets and how to best configure your next workstation.


  1. How & where Virtual Reality can be used in Design & Engineering
  2. What VR means to engineering today (and tomorrow)
  3. VR Gotchas and how best to avoid them
  4. How VR can be attained by everyone, not just the media industry