About the show

Everything you need to know

The EDS is organised by MA Exhibitions and owned by MA Business.

MA Exhibitions

MA Exhibitions was established in 2015 to house the Mark Allen Group’s growing portfolio of exhibitions. Through our market-leading brands, MA Exhibitions now organises some of the UK’s largest trade shows in their markets, including the Engineering Design Show, Nursery World Show, Manufacturing & Engineering North-East, Manufacturing Management Show and PrintWeek Live! Many of our shows have been recognised for their success, innovation and customer experience.

For more information visit: www.markallengroup.com/ma-exhibitions

MA Business

MA Business is the market leading publisher for the engineering and manufacturing sectors, with a stable of titles that include; Eureka, Machinery, Machinery Classified, New Electronics, Works Management, as well as contract publishing Plant Engineer and Transport Engineer magazines.

Through its data, magazines, websites and events MA Business has a greater reach across engineering and manufacturing than any other media company.

For more information visit: www.markallengroup.com/ma-business

EDS is created by MA Business, the publishers of Eureka, Engineering Materials and New Electronics magazines.


For 30 years, Eureka has been synonymous with engineering innovation and technology transfer, constantly evolving to suit the times and to deliver its readers and advertisers a market leading brand that doesn't just begin and end with a paper product.

With its extensive data services, monthly magazine, content rich website, weekly e-zines and range of live events, Eureka is the brand of choice for design engineers and the "must-have" partner for anyone trying to reach them.

For more information visit: www.eurekamagazine.co.uk

Engineering Materials

Engineering Materials provides its audience of engineering design, production, and purchasing readers with the latest news, applications, innovations and developments from around the world. It highlights the latest advances and potential of new materials and materials processing.

With its magazine, e-newsletters and rich media website, Engineering Materials is the ‘must-use’ promotional brand for anyone trying to reach materials purchasing and specifying decision makers.

For more information visit: www.materialsforengineering.co.uk

New Electronics

Electronic design engineers are an extremely important decision-making audience. However they are difficult to reach and incredibly hard to influence, yet New Electronics has been doing just that for more than 40 years.

With high quality technical editorial written for an audience exclusively made up of electronics design engineers, delivered across our fortnightly print and digital publication, daily website, e-zines and regular events, New Electronics provides design engineers with the information they need in the format and timescale in which they need it.

For more information visit: www.newelectronics.co.uk